1991 GT Karakoram Elite — L (1.75 — 1.90)


Truly unique Tripple Triangle GT Karakoram Elite with an amazing paintjob and matching stem. It comes with mint colored Crankbrothers flatpedals, vintage dark brown San Marco Rolls saddle, big 2.5″ Hookworm Balloon tires.

Every bike comes with a *tips + user guide*, a chain spray and  Studio ROOK waterbottle.

All bikes have been thoroughly checked and adjusted. We’ve made sure that everything works like a breeze. As a standard procedure, all cables have been replaced with new stainless steel inner cables, and in combination, the cassette and chain have been swapped for new quality parts as well for perfect shifting and braking. As a finishing touch, each bike gets polished and sprayed with a protective coating.

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