Studio ROOK x Crumbworks sticker set


The Studio ROOK Collaboration of the year: a hand in hand stickerset with (in my opinion) the coolest bike shop in the world: Crumbworks in Tokyo — a dream come true. This time the colorway is a mix of Studio ROOK’s yellow banana and Crumb’s favorite Bridgestone MB-1 & the color of Japan. 100 pieces available in Rotterdam, 100 in Tokyo at Crumbworks.

Your bike is meant to last a lifetime — prove to the planet you’re a good human being by slapping on a ‘One Less Disposable’ sticker on your frame (or anything else that has been saved and recycled). Yep, that’s right, your bike is not meant for throwing away, instead you service it, take care of it and lock it well, but you know all these things already.

Got some scratches and/or rust even though you cherished your gem from day one? No worries, with a ‘Positive Patina’ mindset you’ll learn to appreciate a nice bit of artistic damage.

Each set contains: a stickersheet with extra chunky & sticky (frame) stickers — a personally hand numbered edition of 200, a transparent glossy white ink Studio ROOK sticker, extra chunky & chunky ‘flag’ ROOK sticker and a Crumbworks x Studio ROOK sticker (depending on the time of ordering the ‘extra’s’ might differ, but you will always get some new replacements if that’s the case!)

*Note: make sure to clean, degrease and wipe the surface with alcohol  (and wait a couple of minutes for it to evaporate and dry) before applying for the best adhesion and result.*

Design: Rob en Robin


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