Panasonic CB—2000 (1.70 — 1.85)


This Panasonic CB—2000 is one of the originators of the modern day gravel (bikepacking) bike.

It has the same 28″ (700c) wheel size and nice fresh pair of grippy 42mm tires. It has a very nice geometry and is ready to be used as a versatile commuter, or to be taken for longer distances either bikepacking or gravelling and touring. It’s Made in Japan and has an amazing custom paint job — fresh from the factory 30 years ago.

Yes, believe it or not, this bike is from 1992. Is is now fully restored with quality components like a fresh cassette and chain, Turbo Saddle, flatpedals, Tioga grips, back swept handlebar and new cabling with stainless steel inner cables. The mini rack in front can carry a lot when combined with straps and isn’t heavy or an eye sore as some big racks can be.

All bikes have been thoroughly checked, adjusted and made sure that everything works like a breeze. As a standard procedure all cables have been replaced with new stainless steel inner cables, and in combination, the cassette and chain have been swapped for new quality parts as well for perfect shifting and braking. As a finishing touch each bike gets polished and sprayed with a protective coating.

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Out of stock