Studio ROOK 2.0 sticker set


Updated and improved version of the *quickly sold out* Studio ROOK sticker set — more stickers and a bigger sheet with only a 2 gram weight increase!

Your bike is meant to last a lifetime — prove to the planet you’re a good human being by slapping on a ‘One Less Disposable’ sticker on your frame (or anything else that has been saved and recycled). Yep, that’s right, your bike is not meant for throwing away, instead you service it, take care of it and lock it well, but you know all these things already.

Got some scratches and/or rust even though you cherished your gem from day one? No worries, with a ‘Positive Patina’ mindset you’ll learn to appreciate a nice bit of artistic damage.

Each sticker set contains:

1 x stickersheet with: extra chunky & sticky frame stickers, fork stickers, Studio ROOK sticker, flying banana sticker, banana man sticker, 2 P.P. and 2 O.L.D. stickers

1 x Banana man frame sticker (out of print, sorry! there is one on the sheet & plenty of extra stickers will be added to replace)

1 x ROOK flying banana sticker
3 x ROOK gradient logo sticker
3 x ROOK bar sticker

Total package weight: 11 gr.


Out of stock

Out of stock